An Open Letter to My New Clients

Dear New Client,

You are here.  For that, I am proud of you. I am proud because of the strength it takes to get here. I know the feeling in your gut when you press the last digit of a phone number, or when you press send on an email to request information about therapy. That feeling in your gut, however uncomfortable, is acknowledgement.

It’s acknowledgement of your pain, stress, sadness, or discontent. It’s acknowledgement that you need help, and you are ready to ask for it. It’s acknowledgement of fear: fear of living your life in a holding pattern. Fear of regret. Fear of unhappiness.

It may not feel this way right now, but that moment when you chose to dial that number or send the email, is a huge step in your path of healing. Reaching out is the hardest step to take.

I found a quote from Albert Einstein that really resonated with me. It said, “No problem can be solved from the same level of consciousness that created it”. Practical? Yes. Logical? Absolutely! Basically, Mr. Einstein suggests that problem solving is not always a successful solo mission. As a therapist, and most importantly, a human being; I whole-heartedly concur.

Today you took one of the hardest steps in your journey of self-healing. You have acknowledged your pain, and have chosen to reach out for help. For this dear client, I am already so proud of you, and honored to be the helper on your journey.

I look forward to walking and navigating the path of self healing with you.

All my best~