About Your Therapist

Education and Background

Hey there! I’m Amanda. I am an authentic, people-loving human.  I earned my Bachelors degree in Biology and my Masters degree in Counseling from Sam Houston State University. After graduating with my Bachelors, I taught high school biology for a few years before moving into the role of school counselor. I loved working in education because I loved working with my students in any capacity. Whether my role was to teach curriculum, or academically advise, I drew great joy from my students. It was not long into my role as an academic counselor that I felt a stronger pull towards the emotional piece of counseling. This pull led to the creation and formation of Dragonfly Center for Counseling.

My Commitment

I am fascinated by people. I love to watch and learn what makes us tick, and I believe that everyone has a story. The many layers of emotions we all have is so complicated and beautiful to me. In therapy, we explore all of these layers and how they effect all aspects of our lives. Everyone is so different based on life experience, and I love to learn about these experiences and how they mold us into the people we are now. I am passionate about positive change and finding balance in life.  As your therapist, I believe it is my job to provide a safe and authentic environment for you to share your story. If your story involves needing help for the present, or needing to process stories and events of the past, I will tailor my therapeutic approach that best suits you. I take pride in my authentic  and empathetic approach to therapy. I am a very down-to-earth person, and you will find that in my therapeutic approach as well. My goal is to develop a positive working relationship with my clients, so they can find their footing and live a life in balance and positivity.

My therapeutic niche serves adults in many seasons of life. From counseling young adults who are learning how to handle life outside of the “nest” to  more seasoned adults who are struggling with what life is throwing at them. I also see many new mothers who need a space to process the highs and lows of motherhood.  I have extensively worked with clients who suffer from panic attacks, anxiety, and various forms of depression. Upon your first session, you will learn that my style is anything but textbook. I can’t say that I follow any particular theory. However, if I had to choose, I’d say that I dabble frequently in reality therapy. I am a big believer in allowing my sessions to play out organically. Ready to change your life? Let’s have a chat!